I know. Special Needs. Where is my mindPure morning. Bright lightsBlind. For what is worth  battle for the sun?  Without you I”m nothingAsk for answers. Drag. The never ending why. The inocence of the sleep. In the cold light of morning broken promise swallow meds. Protect me from what I wantSong to say goodbye Running up that hill. The bitter end. Breath under water. Sleeping with gosts soulmates never die.

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5 Comments on “Colaj”

  1. Madelaine Says:

    Uuu, fain! 🙂

  2. el Says:

    never die..

  3. pinguinulfurios Says:

    @ el: e doar o melodie 🙂 totul moare

  4. el Says:

    Nimic nu moare. Nimic.

  5. pinguinulfurios Says:

    @el: daca nu moare, cu siguranta este ucis

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